Indecent Exposure 500 sztuk tylko.



A long story which i won’t go into but…. Now available at long last and on here only while stocks last…. The complete „IndEx Collection” remastered and each individually numbered on 3 CD’s consisting of:

Riots Single (1983)
Demo Tape (1984)
Reveal All LP (1985)
No Looking Back LP (1986)
Live In Germany LP (1986)

Inlays all come with fanzine write ups, photo’s and even stickers from back in the day!, a must for any collector into the days of old school REAL Oi! music which was and still is IndEx.

Price is £30 for the pack of Three Cd’s plus £3 P&P UK or £6 International postage Via PayPal marked as a family/friend payment to also available if you want to save on the postage is pay now then pick them up at the gig no problem.

For storage and packing reasons they will not come with CD cases, just flat packed.

Bords de Seine

Tak w przypomnieniu dla wszelkich zbieraczy. Wydane zostało kilka fajnych cd i czarnych placków:

SKINKORPS faut assurer
SKINKORPS il faudra bien vous y faire
Pozycja dostępne w Olifant
W zapowiedziach wydanie kolejnych dorobków muzycznych takich tuzów jak:
HAIRCUT l’intégrale 2000/2013
TOLBIAC’S TOADS l’intégrale 1982/1994
SNIX the complete (studio + demos)
THE VEROS l’intégrale
WARRIOR KIDS 1982/2014 cds_3
A wszystko elegancko wydane.